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Renting a home
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Renting a home:
  1. I am interested in a rental property. Whom can I contact?

    If you are interested in a rental property, please go to woonhave.com. Select ‘I am looking for a home’. You will subsequently find the contact details of every rental agent per property. Please contact him/her for more information about availability and rent prices.

    belangstelling, huis, opzoek
  2. I want to rent a home. Which documents must I submit?

    The rental agent will give you a list of documents you will need to submit. Basically, these are (in you are employed):
    - one or more pay slips
    - employer’s statement
    - bank statement(s)
    - lessor or mortgage holder statement
    If you are retired or self-employed, other requirements apply. In all cases, you will have to submit proper identification.

    eisen, vereisten, in aanmerking komen, loon, bedrag, geld
  3. What are the conditions in order to be eligible for a rental home?

    As a rule, your gross monthly wages must be at least 3.5 to 4 times the base rent. You may add 50 percent of your partner’s income. You may also add 10% per annum of any equity over EUR 20,000 (for instance, EUR 20,000 results in EUR 2,000 / 12 = EUR 166.66 which you can add to your gross monthly wages). If you are retired or self-employed, other income requirements apply. Contact the relevant rental agent for an exact assessment. You will his/her contact details under ‘I am looking for a home’ on www.woonhave.com

    voorwaarden, eisen, loon, familie
  4. I do not meet the income criteria because I am a student. Can my parents rent the home for me, or act as guarantors?

    Please contact the rental agent, because the policy varies per residential property. As a rule, we do not let to students and the main tenant must have his/her own income.

    interesse, belangstelling, formulier, bescheiden, papieren, verplicht
  5. Whom do I contact when I am self-employed or retired?

    Please contact the real estate agent.

    eigen bedrijf, zaak, pensioen, aow
Moving in (new tenant):
  1. Which insurance do I need?

    It does, unfortunately, happen: damage to your household contents, due to fire, storm, leaks or third parties. Take out proper third party and household insurance. Because that is your own responsibility. If you are renting a family home, do consider glass insurance. Report any damage to the building (the ‘shell’ of your home) to us, because Woonhave has a home insurance policy.

    assurantie, verzekeren, verzekeringsmaatschappij, meubilair, inboedel, aansprakelijkheid
  2. Following the key exchange, I have noticed a (technical) defect. What do I do?

    If you find a defect, simply submit a request for repairs via the ‘My Woonhave’ portal on our website. You can also contact us by e-mail: beheer@woonhave.com, or reach us by phone at 010 – 268 55 55.

    reparatie, onderhoud, schade, beheer
  3. Is there anything I should do when moving?

    Please do not forget the following:

    • register with the civil registry or notify the council of your change of address
    • register with a heating/gas, water and electricity company
    • register with a tv/phone/internet provider
    • take out household insurance
    • if applicable: submit an application for or change in housing benefit. For more informatie, see ‘Housing benefit’.
    verhuizen, inschrijven, aanmelden, verzekeren
  4. Do I submit the meter readings or does Woonhave take care of this?

    When you move into one of our properties, you must submit the electricity, water and gas (if applicable) meter readings to the relevant companies. You are free to choose any supplier of gas and electricity. The water company is determined by the council.

    In case of block heating (with flow meters on the radiators), ISTA or Techem will read the meters annually.

    In case of a geothermal installation, you are bound to a specific company and the rental agent will supply you with a registration form. In case of other types of heating, please contact us.

    watermeter, electriciteit, gasmeter, CV-ketel, verwarming
  5. I want to rent a parking space or garage with the property. Is that possible?

    That depends: not every property has its own parking spaces or garages. If your property does, please contact the rental agent.

    parkeren, auto, plek
  6. Can I have extra house keys/tags made?

    If your home has certified locks (with a serial number on the key), you can only do so via Woonhave: beheer@woonhave.com at EUR 65 per certified key and EUR 45 per entry tag. For extra keys for uncertified locks, you can go to any locksmith.

    huissleutel, bijbestellen, slot, code
A change in situation (living together / separation):
  1. I have a new phone number or e-mail address

    Please inform us, via administratie@woonhave.com (don’t forget to mention your home address!)

    wijziging, verandering, aanpassing, administratie, contactgegevens
  2. My partner is moving in with me. What do I do?

    If you are the main tenant and your partner is moving in with you, you must notify Woonhave. You can do so via https://www.woonhave.com/formulier-wijziging-huurders-huurcontract.

    Are you married or in a civil partnership? This means your partner automatically becomes a co-tenant and a contracting party in the rental agreement.

    Are you not married nor in a civil partnership? This means your partner is not an official co-tenant but a co-resident.

    wijziging, verandering, aanpassing, administratie, contactgegevens, getrouwd
  3. How do I become a co-tenant?

    Co-residents are not automatically co-tenants. For instance, partners who live together but are not married nor in a civil partnership, are not co-tenants. To become a co-tenant, you can submit a request to Woonhave. You can do so via https://www.woonhave.com/formulier-wijziging-huurders-huurcontract. The conditions are:

    • the co-resident must meet the income criterion of 3.5 x base rent = gross monthly wages
    • the co-resident must have been living at the address for a minimum of two years (evidenced by the municipal personal records database)
    • the rent is not in arrears

    Administrative costs may apply if an attachment to the rental agreement or a new rental agreement must be composed

    wijziging, verandering, aanpassing, administratie, contactgegevens, inwonend
  4. I want the rental agreement with my co-tenant to be transferred to me. What is the process?

    Taking over a co-tenant’s rental agreement equals entering into a new rental agreement. So, your income will be assessed along with the other requirements, to check if you can indeed become the contracting party. If everything is in order, you can become the sole main tenant. You co-tenant has to agree to this, in writing. The rental terms, such as the rent price, may be adjusted.

    vervangen, wijziging, verandering, aanpassing, administratie, contactgegevens
  5. My partner and I are / will be separated. What do we do?

    Are you both contracting parties to the rental agreement or married? Then both of you need to submit a signed statement, saying who will leave (and terminate his/her part in the rental agreement) and who will stay in the property, via verhuur@woonhave.com We will subsequently send you a written confirmation.

    Are you not both contracting parties or married? In that case, only the main tenant can terminate the agreement. If the partner (co-resident) wishes to become the main tenant, several conditions must be met. Submit any changes via https://www.woonhave.com/formulier-wijziging-huurders-huurcontract.

    • the co-resident must meet the income criterion of 3.5 x base rent = gross monthly wages
    • the co-resident must have been living at the address for a minimum of two years (evidenced by the municipal personal records database)
    • the rent is not in arrears

    Administrative costs may apply if an attachment to the rental agreement or a new rental agreement must be composed.

    wijziging, verandering, aanpassing, administratie, contactgegevens
  6. How do I submit a change in my bank account number?

    A change in your personal details, such as your bank account number, can be submitted via administratie@woonhave.com. For instance, when you have opened a joint account. Please do not forget to mention your home address.

    bankrekening, administratie, contactgegevens
  7. How do I have the name plate changed?

    A change in your situation, for instance because you will be living together or are separating, may lead you to want a new name plate. In an apartment building, the name plates require uniformity. GravurePlus is familiar with our properties and supplies all the Woonhave name plates. Order a new plate via info@gravureplus.com The costs of making and installing a new plate are to be paid by you. If you live in a family home, feel free to have your own name plate made and installed.

    naamplaat, deurbord, vervangen, wijzigen
  1. What data do we store over the course of the rental period?

    Rental file:
    - If you are a Woonhave tenant, we will store a rental file in a secure environment. This contains documents submitted by you when you applied for the tenancy, such as a copy of your ID (as the case may be, in a protected area), an application form and/or payment slips. Of course, we also store the rental agreement and the inspection reports start and end of tenancy.
    - Are you renting a home which was subsequently bought by Woonhave? In most cases, we will only have a rental agreement and inspection report.

    - We have the name and addresses of all of our tenants. We generally also have a phone number and e-mail address in our database. We need these data to be able to contact you in case of an emergency or for maintenance issues. We only give these details to our contractor(s) for maintenance purposes.

    Account number:
    - If you issued a SEPA direct debit authorization for your rental payments, we also have your bank account number on file.

    privacy, documenten, persoongegevens
  2. Do I have access to my own personal details/file?

    Yes. But you must submit a written request. We handle your data with great care and need to be sure that the request is from you personally. Upon approval, you will receive a copy of the data on file, by post. All data are stored digitally (we do not keep hard-copy documents in your file).

    inzien, eigen dossier, inzage
  3. What happens to my file when I leave?

    If you have terminated the lease and left the property, we will keep the following data:

    - your new address (in order to return the deposit or settle the service charges). If the final inspection is in order and there are not rent arrears/credits, we shall delete said data.
    - in case of arrears, we shall keep the rental agreement and possibly your rental file, for legal purposes.

    einde huur, verwijderen gegevens
Rent payment:
  1. When is the monthly rent debited?

    The rent is debited on the first of each month. Unless this is during a weekend, in which case the rent shall be debited the next working day.

    afschrijving, aftrek, maandelijkse kosten, huurkosten, betalen
  2. How do I authorize direct debit?

    You will receive an authorization form when you sign the lease. If you fill out this form, you are authorizing direct debit payment.

    You are already renting and want to authorize direct debit payment? Contact us via administratie@woonhave.com

    machtiging, contract, betalingsregeling, betalen
  3. My rent is in arrears. What do I do?

    Always contact Woonhave. By phone, 010-268 55 55, or by e-mail, via administratie@woonhave.com

    schuld, openstaande kosten, betalen, betaling
  4. Did you receive a reminder from Woonhave?

    If you don’t agree or have questions, please contact us, preferably by e-mail via administratie@woonhave.com. Always mention your address.

    betalingsherinnering, sommatie, waarschuwing, dagvaarding
  5. Did you receive a letter from the collection agency or a bailiff?

    This means Woonhave has referred the collection to a third party. Please contact the collection agency or bailiff directly.

    gerechtsbode, belastingsdienst, betalen, betaling, schuld
  6. How do I submit a change in my bank account number?

    A change in your personal details, such as your bank account number, can be submitted via administratie@woonhave.com. Unfortunately, you cannot do so over the phone.

    banknummer, rekeningnummer, aanpassen, wijzigen, administratie
  7. I want to change the way I pay. What should I do?

    If you are using a direct debit authorization and want to withdraw this, contact your bank. If you want to issue an automatic debit authorization for the monthly rent, you can request a form via administratie@woonhave.com.

    betalen, betaling, betalingsregeling, stopzetten, beëindigen
  8. I am having difficulties paying my rent. Now what?

    If a change in your situation means you are having difficulty paying your rent, please contact Woonhave to discuss your options: administratie@woonhave.com.

    betalen, betaling, betalingsregeling, tekort, gebrek, omstandigheden
  9. How do I apply for housing benefit?

    If you are entitled to housing benefit, please apply at www.belastingdienst.nl under ‘Mijn toeslagen’.

    tegemoetkoming, terugbetaling, indienen, verzoek
  10. Can I get (part of) my deposit back?

    If, at the start of the lease, you paid an increased deposit (e/g, 2 or 3 months rent), and your financial situation has improved, you may ask for (part of) your deposit back. Please e-mail your request to verhuur@woonhave.com with your motivation, a recent employer’s statement and at least one payment slip. Additional information may be requested. We will also look at your rent payment record. We will contact you shortly, following our assessment.

    Please note: over the course of the lease, a deposit of one month rent will remain with Woonhave.
    If you are (and remain) self-employed, it is unfortunately not possible to submit a request.

    waarborgsom, retourneren, retour waarborgsom, retour
Rent increase:
  1. Will the rent be increased annually?

    In principle, the rent will be increased annually, on 1st July. You will receive timely notification in the event of a rent increase.

    kosten, wijziging, betalen, betaling, wettelijk
  2. What is the basis for the rent increase?

    This differs per property and per tenant. The rent increase for regulated (social) rental properties is determined by the tenant’s income, the legal maximum rent and maximum rent increase. The legal maximum rent is determined by the points scored by your home. This scoring system distinguishes between regulated (social) and non-regulated housing. In a regulated tenancy agreement, the maximum rent is determined by the points scored. In non-regulated housing, it is a matter of supply and demand.

    stijging, toename, toeslag, wet
  3. How do I object to the rent increase?

    You can register your objection by e-mail: administratie@woonhave.com. If your tenancy agreement is regulated, enclose the Huurcommissie’s form. For more information, see www.huurcommissie.nl

    If you have a non-regulated tenancy agreement, you can only register an objection if the percentage increase violates the tenancy agreement.

    klacht, stijging, toename, toeslag, wet, administratie
Service charges:
  1. What are service charges?

    In addition to the (base) rent, Woonhave may charge the tenant a monthly sum for services. These are the service charges. The service charges are, e/g: the costs of cleaning the common areas, the costs of a concierge, the costs of electricity used in the common areas and installations.

    Only actual costs may be charged. By the end of each settlement period, you will receive a cost report. You may have paid too much or too little. You will subsequently get some of your money back or receive a request to pay extra.

    schoonmaakkosten, bijkomende kosten, verwarming, elektriciteit, licht
  2. When will I receive the cost report/settlement of service charges?

    Within 6 months following end of year, you receive an annual settlement of service charges. This settlement is the result of comparing advances paid with the actual costs.

    opgave, verrekening, bijkomende kosten, verwarming, elektriciteit, licht
  3. When will I receive the settlement heating costs?

    Within 6 months following end of year, you receive an annual settlement of heating costs. This settlement is the result of comparing advances paid with the actual costs.

    opgave, verrekening, bijkomende kosten, verwarming, elektriciteit, licht
  4. How is the service charges settlement constructed?

    The settlement contains various categories: the costs of common electricity and water use, cleaning costs, the costs of a concierge, et cetera. You will only pay service charges for the time you were a tenant.

    opgave, verrekening, bijkomende kosten, verwarming, elektriciteit, licht
  5. I do not agree with the settlement of service charges and/or heating costs. How can I object?

    You can register your objection against the settlement of service charges and/or heating costs by sending an e-mail to administratie@woonhave.com

    klacht, opgave, verrekening, bijkomende kosten, verwarming, elektriciteit, licht
Repairs and Maintenance:
  1. How do I submit a request for repairs?

    You can submit your request for repairs via My Woonhave. You can also send an e-mail to beheer@woonhave.com or call us, on work days between 9am and 5pm at 010-268 55 55.

    reparatie, onderhoud, schade, restauratie, beheer
  2. Whom do I call with a request for repairs, outside office hours?

    In case of an emergency, which cannot wait until the next working day, you may also call us at night or during the weekend at 010-268 55 55.

    schade, storing, weekend, noodhulp, noodsituatie
  3. I have an (ongoing) defect or complaint. Whom do I contact?

    We are sorry that your problem is ongoing, and no solution has yet been found. We would like to speak with you and we try and avoid ongoing breakdowns for our tenants. E-mail your complaint to compliance@woonhave.com. We will take it into careful consideration, within 5 working days.

    schade, bezwaar, reparatie, onderhoud, restauratie, klacht
  4. What kind of maintenance do you, as a tenant, have to take care of yourself?

    The Minor Repairs Decree applies in the Netherlands. This was the basis for our Maintenance Guide. As a rule, the tenant must take care of minor repairs himself, i/e, up to approx. EUR 150 including VAT.

    eigen onderhoud, klein onderhoud, zelf doen, reparaties
  5. I want a new kitchen, what is possible?

    - It depends on a number of factors if your kitchen can be replaced. Like the (technical) state of the kitchen, how old is the kitchen, is major maintenance planned, etc.

    - Take some clear photographs of your kitchen or bathroom and email them to beheer@woonhave.com.

    We will quickly let you know what is possible. In some cases a more luxurious kitchen can be requested at a surcharge.

    kookblok, douche, wc, renovatie
  6. DIY in my home, is that allowed?

    You always need Woonhave’s permission for big jobs, such as removing a wall, adding outdoor sunscreens, installing a new kitchen. You don’t need permission for small jobs, such as installing laminate flooring or painting your walls. When the lease is terminated your home must however, in principle, be returned to its original state, to be assessed by Woonhave.

    verven, verf, vloer, verbouwen, goedkeuring, eigen onderhoud, klein onderhoud
  7. What can and can’t I paint?

    You can paint interior walls. But the walls must be light and neutral (white/light grey) when the lease is terminated. The same goes for interior window frames (woodwork inside). It is not allowed to paint the ceilings any other colour but white.

    lakken, verf, kleuren, eigen onderhoud, klein onderhoud
  1. I am experiencing (noise) nuisance from my neighbours. What do I do?

    First of all, we are sorry to hear your neighbours are causing you distress. The tension this causes can certainly interfere with your enjoyment of your home. Woonhave aims to offer you a stress-free living environment. Therefore, there should be no noise—audible outside the premises in question—after 11pm. If you are experiencing nuisances, the following steps can act as a guide:

    Step 1
    First, talk to the neighbours concerned, keep it friendly but be clear.

    Step 2
    If you have reached an agreement but it is not upheld and the nuisance continues, inform the neighbour in question that you will consult with Woonhave. Submit a written complaint to Woonhave. This means your complaint is on record.

    Step 3
    Woonhave will try to reach a solution with both the complainant and the neighbour causing a nuisance. It would certainly help if you kept a log of the facts, with date and time.

    Step 4
    If the nuisance is such that it affects your enjoyment of your home for a prolonged period of time and to a serious extent, and if it is a demonstrable case of intent and high frequency, you as a tenant can, via Woonhave, ask the Court to dissolve the tenancy agreement with the nuisance creator. Should things get to this point, multiple neighbours will probably be called as witnesses. In the end, the Court will decide. This is, however, a long process which may take years and therefore, in our opinion, is the final step.

    klacht, bezwaar, ongemak, hinder, gehorig, muziek
  2. There is mould and/or damp in my house. What do I do?

    In case of mould or damp in the bathroom, start by ensuring sufficient ventilation, for instance by opening windows and doors after you have showered. Because, as soon as there is not enough ventilation in this space, mould may appear, or damp issues may occur.

    Is there mould and/or damp in other rooms than the bathroom, or throughout the house? Send us an e-mail via beheer@woonhave.com. Please attach clear photos so that we can act quickly.

    schade, lekkage, water, vlekken, luchten
  3. There are overhanging branches from my neighbour’s garden. What do I do?

    Overhanging branches can be a nuisance and affect your enjoyment of your home. First, ask your neighbours to remove the branches. If they then don’t, ask them again by letter or e-mail, giving them a reasonable amount of time to cut back the branches. For instance, six weeks is a reasonable amount of time. If the problem is not resolved when that period has expired, you yourself can cut back the overhanging branches, up to the boundary. But please do so carefully. If the overhanging tree/bush is own by the municipality, contact the municipal authorities.

    hinder, tuin, struik, plant, klacht
  1. What do I do if there has been a break-in?

    First of all, report the break-in to the police. This may help your claim to recover the costs caused by possible damages as a result of the break-in. Then contact your insurance company. Household insurance may cover the stolen items. And please report the break-in to us, via beheer@woonhave.com. Any damage to the building will be repaired by Woonhave, if it was not intentionally caused by you or your co-resident.

    ingebroken, inbreker, beroofd, dief
  2. There is (or has been) a fire. What do I do?

    It may be self-evident but in case of fire, call 112 for the fire brigade. Not only for a large house fire, but also for small kitchen fire or garden fire.

    Of course, you have to report the fire to Woonhave a.s.a.p., the following working day at the latest. Take pictures, for insurance purposes. We will do our best to have the (consequential) damages repaired a.s.a.p. You can report the fire over the phone, via 010-268 55 55, but you must also follow this up in writing, to beheer@woonhave.com

    verbrand, vlam, schade
  3. Help, I have lost my keys! Now what?

    Check whether the key is really gone. Because Woonhave does not have a spare key for your home. We only have keys to common areas and entryways.

    The costs of replacing the lock are for you. So, make sure you have given a spare key to friends/neighbours.

    During office hours we can help you with a lock smith. Call us at 010-268 55 55. Outside office hours, you will have to get a lock smith yourself. In both cases, the costs are for you.

    verlies, probleem, vernieuwen, voordeur, sleutel kwijt, sleutels kwijt, verloren
  4. The lock is broken, now what?

    In case of a mechanical defect, the costs are for Woonhave. Call Woonhave to report this, at 010-268 55 55. Outside office hours and during the weekend your call will be forwarded to our emergency service.

    stuk, defect, gebroken, versleten, probleem, vernieuwen, voordeur
  5. There is a power outage in the area/building. Now what?

    If multiple households are without power, the problem is presumably with the grid operator. Call Stedin or Liander directly so that they can fix it.

    elektriciteit, elektra, licht, defect, probleem
  6. There is a power outage in your home?

    Check the fuse box to see if a fuse has blown. An appliance may have caused a fuse to blow. Or to many appliances are on the same fuse. Disconnect all appliances and switch the fuse(s) back on. Subsequently connect the appliances one by one. If the fuse blows as soon as you connect a specific appliance, you know which one is the culprit.

    But there may be a problem in the fuse box. If the above test does not work, or you cannot get the power back on at all, call Woonhave. During office hours we will send an electrician. Outside office hours and during the weekend you are free to call in your own electrician. The costs of repair are for Woonhave, if indeed the electrical installation was the source of the problem.

    elektriciteit, elektra, licht, defect, probleem
Moving out (leaving tenant):
  1. How do I terminate the rental agreement?

    We refer you to My Woonhave: https://mijn.woonhave.com. If you have an account, you can log on immediately. Here you find the online form to terminate the rental agreement. If you fill out and send this form, Woonhave will deal with your termination within 48 hours.

    beëindigen, huurbeëindiging, huurcontract, contract, overeenkomst
  2. What is the term of notice?

    A termination of the rent must be received by us before the end of the month. From that point on, at least 1 full calendar month notice applies. For example: if you submit your request to terminate the rental agreement on 15 April, one full calendar month notice means the lease will be terminated per 31 May.

    opzeggen, beëindigen, huurbeëindiging, formulier, contract, overeenkomst
  3. Can I suggest a prospective tenant?

    You can suggest a prospective tenant. However, he/she will have to meet the same criteria that apply to any new tenant. These requirements involve income, and so on. For some buildings it's not possible to suggest someone. For more information, please contact the rental agent.

    bewoner, aanbevelen, aanbeveling
  4. In what condition must I leave the rental home?

    In general, the house or apartment should be delivered in a good condition. The holes in the wall should be fixed and the walls should be painted in a neutral/white color if you have changed this yourself. It is also required that the flooring is removed (included the glue residue). The house should be cleaned and empty (no furniture should left behind). The exact way in which you must hand over the house to us is displayed in our “Guideline for leaving your house behind when the lease is terminated”. You will receive this with our confirmation of your cancellation.

    oplevering, eindoplevering, opleveren, achterlaten, schoonmaken
  5. Who will contact me for the (final) inspection?

    The rental agent will contact you for the inspection. Usually, he/she will contact you within one week of the confirmation of your termination of the rental agreement. Of course, feel free to contact him/her yourself. The contact details are in the confirmation of the termination.

    opleveren, huuropzegging, opzeggen, achterlaten
  6. When will I get my deposit back?

    Provided the final inspection finds everything in order (the dwelling is empty, bare and clean) and there are no arrears, you can expect to get your deposit back after 2 weeks, in the bank account known to us. If there are any issues, then it could take up to 4 weeks.

    opleveren, borg, geld, bankrekening
  7. I want to terminate the rental agreement prematurely. Is that possible?

    You have entered into a rental agreement for a minimum of 12 months. Unfortunately, terminating the agreement within these 12 months is not possible, unless your rental agreement says otherwise. Any questions? Please contact verhuur@woonhave.com

    opzeggen, huuropzegging, huurbeëindiging, formulier, periode
  8. Can I leave my laminate flooring or wall-to-wall carpet behind?

    If you wish to leave a ‘hard’ floor behind, the following conditions apply:
    - a new tenant is already lined up and he/she is willing to accept the floor at his expense and risk. You can mutually agree on possible compensation (without intervention by Woonhave or the rental agent), or
    - there is no new tenant lined up: you can leave the ‘hard’ floor without receiving any compensation from Woonhave
    - in principle, wall-to-wall carpets have to be removed.
    Whether the flooring can stay in situ is always up to the rental agent (in the context of rentability). Because it must be in good condition. In all cases, the decision of the rental agent (or Woonhave) is final.

    vloerbedekking, tapijt, vloer
Letting a home:
  1. Am I allowed to sublet?

    Subletting is not allowed. You yourself must be the main resident of the rented dwelling. If we suspect subletting, we will notify the council.

    overnemen, tijdelijk, onderverhuurder
  2. Am I allowed to list my home on Airbnb?

    Listing your home on Airbnb equals subletting. This is not allowed and if we find out, we will report it to the council, which may lead to a fine.

    online verhuur, onderverhuurder
  3. I would like to move to another home in my building. What do I do?

    If you want to move within the same building, check if there is another home available (with the rental agent). Have you received an offer? Terminate the rental agreement of your current home. A new rental agreement will be drawn up. The rental agent will arrange this for you, as well as the inspections of your new and current home.

    inwonend, doorverhuizen, doorverhuizing, woongebouw
Passing away:
  1. My partner or co-tenant/co-resident/co-contracting party has passed away. What do I do?

    You will have a lot on your plate right now. But please inform us a.s.a.p. We can assist you and maybe make life a little easier.

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  2. Main tenant or co-tenant or partner (married) has passed away.

    If the co-tenant (who is also a contracting party) passes away, the full rental agreement continues with the remaining contracting party.

    Were you married? The surviving partner has a lawful right to the home.

    If the main tenant has passed away and you are his/her partner (and not included in the lease), you’ll need to make a request for a new lease, as there are conditions attached.

    In both cases you must e-mail the death certificate to beheer@woonhave.com, so we can adjust our administration correctly.

    sterfgeval, gestorven, familie, dood, man, vrouw, vriend, vriendin
  3. Co-resident/resident

    Are you a resident child or an unmarried partner and not a co-tenant? Then you can submit a request to take over the lease. There are requirements for this:

    The co-resident/resident must meet the income criterion of 3.5 x base rent = gross monthly wages

    The co-resident must have been living at the address for a minimum of two years (evidenced by the municipal personal records database)

    Administrative costs may apply if an attachment to the rental agreement or a new rental agreement must be composed. If you have any questions, please contact 010 - 268 5555 during office hours.

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  1. How do I contact Woonhave?

    You can call Woonhave on work days between 9am and 5pm at 010-268 55 55. If you wish to submit a request for repairs, you can do so 24/7 via My Woonhave. In case of an emergency, that truly cannot wait until the next work day, you can also call us outside office hours.

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  2. How do I apply for a My Woonhave account?

    You can register at http://mijn.woonhave.com

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  3. I have forgotten my password. How can I get a new one?

    If you have forgotten your password, click ‘wachtwoord vergeten’ on the log-in page. Enter your e-mail address and you will receive an e-mail with a new password. Or go directly to https://login.woonhave.com.

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